Busch Stadium

The Busch Stadium is known for being the home of the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB (Major League Baseball). It has a seating capacity of more than 49,000 and it also has 61 luxury suites. The current Busch Stadium replaced the Busch Memorial Stadium and it covers an area of that former stadium’s marks.  This is the third stadium named Busch. The first was the Sportsman’s Park which was renamed Busch Stadium in 1953. The second one was the Busch Memorial stadium which the Cardinals of both baseball and American football have made use of being a multi-purpose stadium at its time.

You might enjoy the ballpark’s mascot store where you can make your own mascot in honor of the Cardinal’s mascot, Fredbird. This surely is an entertainment for the whole family. Aside from that, you can enjoy the sight of the Gateway Arch. Appreciate the classic features of the stadium as it still uses some old prominent portions of the old stadium. It improvises the old and new materials from the second Busch Stadium. More than that, it has obviously some major improvements on the bleachers and it has already got some futuristic entertainment system and high-tech video board.

Visit the Busch Stadium at 250 Stadium Plaza, Saint Louis, Missouri. You may also call (314) 345-9000 for reservations or appointments. This is a great way to see the history and transformation of baseball stadium in St. Louis. Log on to their website to see a glimpse of the combination of the classic and modern Busch Stadium.