St. Louis is an ideal place for a family vacation especially because of its beautiful and interesting destinations plus lots of these destinations come for free! One of the places you should visit is the Citygarden. The Citygarden is an urban park and a sculpture garden with an estimated land area of 2.9 acres.  It is maintained by the Gateway Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which supports public art and also helped in the design and construction of the garden.


The garden has lots of interesting features including 24 large sculptures made by prominent artists. The sculptures are made out of different mediums including bronze, stainless steel, fiberglass and polyester. One of the statues that draw visitor’s attention is the large bronze head lying on its side. Visitors can touch the sculptures and even walk inside them.  The citygarden also houses six rain gardens, a fountain plaza where kids can play and a pool with waterfall. You will definitely be amazed by the beauty of the yellow Missouri limestone wall stretching across the whole area. There is also a 16-foot LED video screen on the wall displaying movies, artworks as well as different types of sports.

Admission to the Citygarden is free and they are open all year-round! Visit the Citygarden online for additional information or you can call them at (314) 289-5300 for inquiries. Take a memorable summer vacation with your family down to St. Louis, Missouri and don’t forget to visit the Citygarden. Create unforgettable memories together!