Lafayette Square and Park

Visit one of the oldest parks in St. Louis and the first park ever established west of Mississippi River only in the Lafayette Square. The Lafayette Square is actually one of the oldest and most fashionable neighborhoods in St. Louis, Missouri and where the Lafayette Park is located. The neighborhood bloomed into a favorite tourist destination; however it was devastated during the tornado in 1896.  In the 1970s, restoration and renovation began which brought the Lafayette Square into its original beauty and magnificence plus a whole lot of shops and restaurants.

Visiting the Lafayette Square would definitely remind you of Victorian St. Louis in its most ostentatious and grandiose years. The Lafayette Park is also considered as the focal point of the Square wherein it is a reminder of the little French settlement of 1764. It was made in honor of Marquis de Lafayette, a French statesman who served as a volunteer during the American Revolution. The park features cannons used during the British warship. There are also walking and biking trails plus a duck pond with fountain. Kids will also love the park and enjoy some time in the children’s playground. Various decorating plantings can also be found in the park which you will surely appreciate plus you and your family can rent a gazebo in the park for picnics and other events.

You will surely appreciate the Victorian atmosphere of the neighborhood and spend pleasurable time in the Lafayette Park. It will also be great to watch out for their special events and visit the park during those times. There are lots of fun activities for everyone! Visit Lafayette Square and Park online for their scheduled events and other information. Bring your entire family in the Lafayette Square and Park and create wonderful moments together.