Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum can be found in St. Louis, Missouri in Forest Park along Lindell Boulevard. This is a free and an open-to-public museum under the operation of the Missouri Historical Society. The Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District subsidizes the main galleries of the museum. It serves as a major bank of historic articles and materials both related to the history of St. Louis and to the United States.

The main collection in the Missouri History Museum is composed mainly of both national and local historical artifacts. Missouri’s, especially St. Louis’ historical materials constitutes a large section of the collection. Historic expeditions such those made by Charles Lindbergh which is made famous by his trans-Atlantic flight through the historic “Spirit of St. Louis” which replica is displayed among the permanent exhibits of the museum. The historical artifacts relating to the Lewis and Clark Expedition are also placed as part of the collection. St. Louis plays a very significant role is such a historic venture since it serves as the starting point of the said remarkable journey.

The Missouri History Museum is just one among the good places to relive history in St. Louis. The section for changing exhibits accommodates lots of historical artifacts from around the US. Visit their online site for more information about the travelling exhibits in the museum both for the current and upcoming displays.