Musuem of Westward Expansion

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial features the very interesting Museum of Westward Expansion. If you come to visit the memorial, you will be stunned by the very beautiful Gateway Arch, which served as the city’s premiere icon. Underneath the Gateway Arch is a visitor center where visitors can enter from a descending outdoor ramp at either base and at the center is the Museum of Westward Expansion.

Do not miss to visit the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and visit the Museum of Westward Expansion as well. It will definitely be a great time for everyone in the family. In the museum you will find several exhibits and displays on the history of the St. Louis riverfront as well as the tram loading and unloading areas. Make sure to get in the Tucker Theater and witness ‘The Monument to the Dream’, a documentary film about the Gateway Arch’s construction. The theater was finished in 1968 and was renovated 30 years later. The museum also features the Odyssey Theater, designed by Cox/Croslin Architects, Robert Cox, AIA and Charles Croslin, AIA and is the first 70 mm film theater located on National Park Service grounds.

Bring your family into the Museum of Westward Expansion and make your vacation a very memorable one!