Old Cathedral

Visiting the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial wouldn’t be complete without taking a tour inside the Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France or what is colloquially called as the Old Cathedral. The Old Cathedral was the first cathedral ever built west of the Mississippi River and was the only parish church of St. Louis until 1845. It is considered as one of the most notable historical landmarks in St. Louis, Missouri where millions of people visit the area annually.

The Old Cathedral was named after King Louis IX of France and is built in Greek Revival style.Upon entering the cathedral, first thing you would notice are the words “In honorem s. Ludovici. Deo uni et trino dicatum. A. MDCCCXXXIV” or “In honor of St. Louis. Dedicated to the one and triune God. A.D. 1834.” stunningly engraved in gold. Inside the cathedral you will find beautiful marble alters and a painting of ‘Saint Louis venerating the Crown of Thorns’ which was given by King Louis XVIII. Another notable painting inside the cathedral is the ‘Crucifixion’ by Diego Velazquez, which was installed in the church on the latter half of the twentieth century. You can also find several artifacts and displays related to the history of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis in the church’s basement. Because of its elegance and historical importance, the Old Cathedral serves as a popular church for marriage ceremonies and a popular tourist destination.

Don’t miss to visit the Old Cathedral in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and make your vacation a memorable one.