Old Courthouse

The Old St. Louis County Courthouse is the historical site of the Dred Scott slavery case which served as one of the seeds of the Civil War. It would be great to bring your entire family for a very interesting and educational vacation together. The courthouse served as the tallest habitable building in Missouri from 1864 to 1894 and is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. So, if you are heading to St. Louis, don’t miss to visit the memorial and the courthouse as well. You will surely learn lots of valuable information and even enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing architectural structures in the memorial.

Today, the Old Courthouse serves as a venue for historical exhibits and events. Hundreds of thousands of people also visit every year to take a glimpse of this historical courthouse and appreciate its magnificent architectural structure and design. The courthouse is operated by the National Park Service and is the tallest building since the Gateway Arch.

Take a tour down to Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and don’t miss to visit the Old Courthouse for a very interesting and memorable vacation with your family!