Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis presents the home of art collection and historic art icons in Missouri. The Saint Louis Art Museum is a major art museum in the United States which attracts over half a million visitors every year. You do not need to worry about how much it would cost you to enter the museum because it is free of charge. The art museum is located in Forest Park; the building was built as the Palace of the Fine Arts. It was intended for the 1904 World’s Fair which is recognized as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

There is an extensive collection of art housed in the Saint Louis Art Museum which is composed of over 30,000 works of art from a distant past up to the present. There is an African section for the art collection as well as American and Ancient and Islamic pieces of art. Other collections of art are divided into other parts such as the Asian, Contemporary, Decorative Arts and Design and the Early European, Oceanic, pre-Columbian and American Indian, including prints, drawings and photographs as well as modern artworks.

There are art sessions intended to benefit children as well as adult programs in the art including platforms for teachers. You will surely be satisfied with your visit since you will be guided by well-informed tour guides for groups like your family. Visit Saint Louis Art Museum online for more information or you can call them at (314) 721-0072. Come and enjoy beautiful works of art with your family and friends only at the Saint Louis Art Museum.