South Grand and Tower Grove Park

Have a relaxing day at the South Grand and Tower Grove Park. Bring your family and have a great stroll as you savor every sign of beauty of the place. Enjoy a few of the boutiques and coffeehouses of South Grand Avenue and share a great time with your friends and families strolling along the walks of the Tower Grove Park.

South Grand accommodates a significant number of restaurants and coffee shops. At night, the place brings you the best of food and drinks prepared in a wide range of choice together with some entertainment that suits your preference. You will surely enjoy the scenes at the South Grand Avenue with your family since it is simply a place that is worth the entire trip. Just don’t forget the place, South Grand Avenue in St. Louis Missouri.

The Tower Grove Park covers a lot of amenities for recreation such as biking paths, and the Farmer’s Market which is one of the great features of the park that opens every Saturday from the months of October to May.  You can also find a wading pool and some playgrounds for adults and kids where you can share time with your children and also one of the features of the park is the famous Victorian pavilions. Being a park it cannot escape the fact that it is one of the great places where festivals are celebrated; among these are the Festival of Nations during the month of August and PrideFest on June. You can see beautiful trees and stuff as though ancient ruins as well as some interesting wooded areas for added environmental consciousness. The park is also a known bird-watching area as it is one of the visited regions during bird migration season. Just visit this beautiful place at 4256 Magnolia Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri or call (314) 771-4410 for more information. The park opens daily from 8:30 in the morning up to 10:00 in the evening.