St. Louis Cardinals

Visit the Busch Stadium and witness one of the games of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals is a member of the Major League Baseball and it is under the Central Division in the National League. The teams have already won 10 World Series championships, the team who won most among others teams in the National League, and only next to the New York Yankees in the overall rating.

The Cardinals team was founded in 1882 which was then known as the St. Louis Brown Stockings. The team began playing in the National League since 1892. They were ultimately called the Cardinals since 1900. They only began playing recently in the Busch Stadium in 2006. The Busch Stadium is located downtown of St. Louis. It is a stadium that can hold more that 46,000 thousand people. The stadium has it magnificent structure which also occupies a portion of the footprint of the former Busch Memorial Park. It is a great place to watch the St. Louis Cardinals at their own home ballpark and showing their skills and excellence in the game of baseball,

The Chicago Cubs is known to be a tough rival of the St. Louis Cardinals and it has been a sensation in the career of the team. This might be a good game to look forward to. If you have the time and your family likes baseball more than any other sports, it is best to experience Busch Stadium at 420 South 8th Street and the St. Louis Cardinals playing in their hometown in St. Louis, Missouri. Log on to Cardinals’ official website for more information and schedule of games.