St. Louis Rams Football

One of the professional American football team in the West Division of the National Football Conference in the National Football Leagues is the St. Louis Rams. It is a professional football team based in St. Louis, Missouri which has already won 3 National Football League Championships. If you go to St. Louis, Missouri for a great trip, grab tickets for your family and watch the game of the Rams.

The Rams has already played so many games since 1936 which began in Cleveland, Ohio. Later in 1946, it has become the Los Angeles Rams after the club decided to move to Los Angeles, California. Later in the 1979 season, the Rams again moved to the suburbs and played games at Anaheim Stadium from 1980-1994 which covers fifteen seasons, with that span of time, they kept the Los Angeles name. Ultimately, the club moved to St. Louis before the 1995 season began. So the St. Louis Rams football team emerged and began playing since then up to the present.

Visit the Rams’ official website for inquiries and ticket purchase. You might want to know the schedule of games so that you can make your itinerary flow smoothly. The St. Louis Rams has been playing in the Edward Jones Dome since the second half of the 1995 season until the present. Originally, they have played the first half of the 1995 season in the Busch Memorial Stadium.